All in Good Thyme

Gardening can be a very slow process.  Especially in this heat, it is difficult to accomplish a whole lot in one day.  Nevertheless, slowly but surely, Lindsey and I have been put plants in the ground.  Today we added a half row of basil next to the tomatoes.  In addition to tasting wonderful together, tomato and basil are great companion plants, meaning that they benefit each other when grown in close proximity.  Companion planting is a very interesting subject- some plants, like cucumber and dill reap great benefits from being grown near each other, but dill is incompatible with carrots!  Therefore, it is very important for any gardener to plan their planting space before putting their plants in the ground in order to maximize productivity.  After doing some work in the garden and as the heat climbed into the high 80’s, we decided that it would be a perfect time to sit in the shade and draw a map of what we have so far so that we can begin to add in what we want to plant.

 Everything on this map has already been planted except for a few of rows of tomatoes and the watermelons.  We know that the tomatoes will cover pretty much the entire left quarter of the space because we have a ton that have already been seeded and they can only be planted in this area due to past cases of blight.  We are still working to figure out what is going to go on the other half of the rows of tomatoes and the large empty space (about 9 rows) in between the pumpkins and the peppers.  Most likely we will put a few rows of melons there.  We are beginning to realize that Derek has pretty exotic choices in choosing melons, considering we have species like Jelly Melon Kiwano, but no cantaloupes!  Harvesting those melons should be pretty interesting.  I have never tried or seen a horned melon before!


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