Mystery Gardener

So when Lindsey went back to the greenhouse yesterday she found an unexpected surprise.  Some of the plants were missing and moved around!  At first, she was worried that someone had stolen them, but then she realized that the plants had been put in the ground in the main garden!  This mysterious gardener also topdressed the garlic in addition to adding a whole new row of tomatoes and laying down some mulch.  While, it is nice to have another helping hand we cannot figure out who in the world would be doing this! It would also help if we could get in contact with them because they planted the tomatoes on ground that had not been tilled in a long time and we are worried the ground may be too tough for the tomato roots to grow.  We decided the best course of action would be to leave a note so that we can get in contact with whoever this is so that their help can be put to good use!

 We also would like to get in touch with the gardener because as mentioned in an earlier post we have a specific plan for where we want to plant everything in the garden.  Today we added more to our map after we seeded some eggplant, corn, and beets, so that we can figure out exactly where we want to place everything.  Here is the updated version:

It is really starting to fill up!  I am excited for when we can begin to harvest some of these things (especially the beets) but for now I will have to be patient for the long, growing process.  Today, we did pull some carrots out of the ground but realized from their flowers that they had overwintered and were sadly very small and pitiful looking.  We figured we would keep them though and give them a taste rather than wasting anything!


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