Spicin’ It Up!

The weather has been pleasant for working the past few days and we have been able to get a lot done!  Thanks to the help of Clare, a garden project member and my fellow track teammate, we were able to dig multiple trenches in one day.  After getting a new load of compost, we filled these with a mixture of dirt and compost and planted several more rows of tomatoes.  We also laid down paper and mulch between rows to control weeding.

We also added another row of onions and built up 6 hills for planting summer squash.  Summer squash can be grown in rows as well, but the advantage to hills is that they drain well.

After planting the onions, we realized we didn’t have signs for a few of the things we have begun to grow.  We took the chance to get out of the hot sun for some arts and crafts!  Here is the end product:

After painting the signs, we decided to call it a day.  But on the way out of the main garden, Lindsey spotted an exciting surprise.  A pretty substantial spicy pepper!

It is a little hard to see because the pepper is also green, but it is nestled there under the leaves near the top!  It might not seem like much, but we are excited to begin to see results after all our labor. Hopefully, in the coming months we will have more vegetables than we know what to do with!


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