Mending Things Up

Despite my negligence in posting, Lindsey and I have been very active in the garden!  As we began to add more and more rows filled with tomatoes, watermelons, squash, etc. we ran into a major issue.  We agreed that we need to set up an irrigation system, but we did not have enough hoses to cover all of our new produce since a lot of them had major leaks!  While hand watering was an option, we really didn’t want to have to hand water each of our 26 tomato plants since they need a lot of water to thrive.  So trying to be thrifty, Lindsey and I went out to Lowe’s and bought some male and female hose menders.  Although neither of us had ever mended a hose, the tag’s instructions simply showed three pictures.  It was so simple there weren’t even words necessary, so we figured we could handle it 🙂

And sure enough, we were successful! As silly as it sounds, Lindsey and I were very proud of ourselves for saving those pitiful hoses.  Now we have hoses running through almost all our rows and our plants are happily growing.  We have about 5 peppers now and 3 little budding tomatoes!


2 thoughts on “Mending Things Up

  1. This blog is awesome! I love getting updates on the garden. I can’t believe you two got the shed so clean! And I love that you are keeping up with the little things, like painting the signs!

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