Before and After

Thanks to Clare–a Princeton Garden Project member–we have a few pics of the garden from earlier in the summer, which gives a perfect opportunity for some before and after shots!


AFTER (approx. 1 month later):

Right now, with most of our seeds planted in the ground, we are fully into the weeding/watering/fighting pests and small pesky animals stage.  Many of our tomato plants are producing multiple tomatoes and we are anxiously awaiting for them to ripen.  We still have a few peppers, but sadly many of the branches appeared to be chewed off.  I have seen a small rabbit running into the raspberry bush a few times, so we might need to figure out a solution for that!

Other than that everything is growing quickly– our pumpkin and melon patches are enormous!

Above: Tigger Melons and Jelly Melon Kiwanos.

Below: Pumpkin Patch–we have to keep moving the pumpkin sign because the leaves continually overtake it!

Also thanks to Clare, we now have a picture of Lindsey and I in the greenhouse.  In case you haven’t met Lindsey and I, here is a visual for you!  Lindsey is on the left and I am on the right.


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