Eliminating the Competition

Okay, so the title of this post might be a little dramatic, but at this point I am so sick of weeding that I don’t even like saying that word and decided that “eliminating the competition” was a far more exciting and interesting sounding blog post.  Right now there is not much for Lindsey and I to do other than control foreign invaders (plants and animals) and keep supplying lots of water.  A lot of our plants are in an important point in their lives, when they are finally beginning to produce vegetables and need A TON of water to fuel such an energy-demanding process.  And as boring as weeding is, the fact that I get to see our cucumbers, tomatoes, melons, pumpkins, parsnips, etc. all growing more than makes up for the cumbersome work 🙂

We have a lot of tomatoes on our hands, of all shapes and sizes!

We have a few cucumbers popping up too! Since cucumbers are about 95% water, they require lots of water in the growing stage.  I am going to mulch near the roots so that the soil around the plants can retain water more easily in this hot sun.

Even though the rabbit got some of our peppers, we still have some left. They look like they are going to be pretty hot!

We have to be careful or soon this pumpkin patch might take over the whole garden!

Our melons are growing well also.

The white spots on some of the leaves are not a disease; it is the diatomaceous earth that we purchased to help control pests.  After seeing that some of the plants had holes in the leaves, we found out about diatomaceous earth. It consists of fossilized remains of diatoms (a type of algae) that has absorbent properties, which allow it to absorb lipids from the waxy outer layer of insect’s exoskeletons, causing them to dehydrate.  Hopefully this will be the organic solution to our pest problems that we have been looking for!


2 thoughts on “Eliminating the Competition

  1. DEATH TO THE WEEDS!! Good for you guys, weeding is such a pain in the butt. And I’m super impressed with the diatomaceous earth stuff!! So on top of things! 🙂

  2. I really enjoy reading the garden blog. Even though I’m at Forbes over the summer I don’t always manage to go see how the garden is growing (especially when it’s really hot!). You guys have done a terrific job of planting and organizing the garden this summer!! Your hard work certainly shows, thanks for all your efforts.

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