Featured Fruit

The Tigger Melon! While our rapidly producing tomato plants are getting a lot of attention, there are a lot of  wonderful things growing the garden.  After my week of vacation, I was excited to come back and see how far our tigger melons have come.  When these melons ripen they will be bright yellow with a vibrant red zig-zag pattern.  They are very fragrant and have a white flesh. It is really fascinating to see these large melons in every stage of growth, starting out as just a seed, then producing a vast plant with large, beautiful flowers, and then the melons slowly emerging out of these flowers and ripening into vibrant fruit.

You can see the stripes beginning to develop in the picture directly above.  This along with the jelly melon kiwano are probably are most exotic produce.  At this point, we do not have any jelly melon kiwanos but the vines are growing up the fence well, so hopefully we will have some of those melons developing shortly!

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