Summer 2012’s First Rainy Day Update

The summer interns Tess and Daniel have now taken over the garden for the summer! We’ll make sure to update you all on what’s happenin’ in the garden every time the weather is too grimy for us to be working in the dirt. We’re in the process of getting a ton of summer crops planted, and are organizing community workdays in the near future, as well as potentially a table at the Princeton Farmers Market, so keep your eyes peeled.

Here’s an update from our first week on the job:

Our pride and joy plants right now are surely our abundant greens. We’ve got enough lettuce, kale, and mustard greens to feed a small army. However this abundant harvest won’t last forever – soon it will be too hot and sunny for the greens and the plants will shrivel up and bolt. So we’re harvesting, harvesting, harvesting… We’re currently working out a partnership with Dining Services so they can use our greens and herbs for the many special events they host over the summer.

Lettuce harvest from last week. The tray has some red oak lettuce, green leaf lettuce, as well as the last of our spinach harvest from the spring.

Our thriving lettuce and kale plants!

Greens aren’t the only plants we’re harvesting – our herbs are also doing very well! We’ve got many thriving basil plants, as well as ever-expanding lemon-balm and mint patches. Oregano, sage, cilantro, anise, and rosemary are also looking prime for the picking right now. We also have a small, but delicious harvest of peas! Only one of the two rows of peas that were planted in the spring really took off, but the plants that are budding pea pods are quite the treat. We did some work tying these plants up, watering, and weeding around them so that hopefully they’ll reagin some strength and make more super sweet peas.

Pea harvest – They taste great raw and are super sweet, no need to cook them!

However abundant harvests also comes with abundant weeds.This morning was a big weeding session – some of the plots we need to plant summer crops in are covered in weeds and we need to get them out ASAP!

A newly cleared plot, hopefully for melons or squash. To the left is more weeds that will be on their way out soon. To the right is the huge pile of weeds we got out of the ground.

As promising as everything is looking, we did however run into a snafu this week. Last Thursday we discovered that a huge chunk of our hose had been ripped into a bunch of pieces. It took awhile for us to decipher how this could have happened, but Daniel figured it out, our hose got mowed with the grass when grounds came through. We’ve purchased a new heavy duty hose that’s bright red, so hopefully this time the hose will be noticed amongst the grass.

RIP hose.

That’s it for this week. Some things to look forward to in future posts: muchos tomatoes, big ol’ zucchini and squash plants, our resident ground hog family, and future community events!

Our new tomato seedlings, an Italian variety, next to our more established cherry tomato plants that we’ve spent a bunch of time tying to stakes. Check back soon for updates on their progress!


One thought on “Summer 2012’s First Rainy Day Update

  1. looking so good!!! wooohooo!!! i always wish i could be in the garden at this time because once it gets hot things grow so fast 🙂 loved seeing this, it brightened my evening and encouraged me with our rooftop garden project!

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