Mid-Week Mini-Update – Come Garden on Sunday!

Hope everyone is enjoying this super hot and sunny day! Our plants sure are, though they need some extra watering to keep up with the heat.

If you want to come help us tend to the garden, come meet us this Sunday June 24th from 5 to 7 PM. We’ll meet in the main garden at 79 Alexander. It’ll be another hot day, so bring some water, and from our experiences wearing some bug spray is also helpful on these summer days! When we’re all done gardening, by all means take some of our produce home with you as a reward!

Here’s some pictures to hold you over until Sunday:

Our harvest from this past week that we gave to dining services. Basil in the white bag, Lettuce in the brown bag, and lots of kale in the tray!

The sunflower has finally blossomed in our magic garden next to our greenhouse!

One of our many many basil plants that are loving the summer weather. If you want pesto, we’re your people.

We’ve planted almost 100 tomato plants in our garden over the past two weeks. We got a surprise and found even more tomato plants in a plot where we didn’t even plant them! This one finds itself amongst a plot of young red leaf lettuce.

Believe it or not, these are our cilantro plants. In the past week they shot up to be super tall and stalky.

The first sign of tomatoes!! Soon this plant will be giving us some juicy cherry tomatoes.


3 thoughts on “Mid-Week Mini-Update – Come Garden on Sunday!

  1. Tess this looks so lovely! I love the sunflower–did any of the others grow? Yay happy garden love, wish I could be there!

  2. holy mackerel, cilantro!!! did not anticipate that happening… wow! is that like bolting, or just a normal part of the plant’s life cycle? also WOW tomatoes growing already you are in for eating SO MANY tomatoes if all the plants start producing that much, it’ll be crazy!! and delicious! hope your volunteers on Sunday like eating veggies…

  3. Naomi – yes!! there are 2-3 sunflower sprouts hiding amongst our tremendous squash that will hopefully be as successful as that one.
    Sarah – The leaves are still good on the cilantro and there’s no sign of flowers yet, but I’m pretty sure its a sign that they’re about to bolt, apparently cilantro has a short life cycle. There’s some younger cilantro next to it that maybe we can keep around longer now that we’re harvesting more vigilantly and giving to Dining Services.

    Also there’s still like 50 more tomatoes in the greenhouse that we haven’t even planted!! We might plant 10 or so more plants where some peas are starting to die out, but we don’t have nearly enough room for all of the plants that flourished in the greenhouse!

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