Planting, Planting, Planting

If you’re wondering what we’ve been up to the past week – the title says it all! We’ve been super busy making sure that all of the summer crops got into the soil during this lovely first official week of summer. We started a great variety of plants – we transplanted red peppers, zucchini, and red tomatoes from our greenhouse. We did lots of direct seeding of different squash varieties, including butternut, acorn, yellow, pumpkin, as well as a seed packet that has a variety of summer squashes. Also, we’ve been planting some morning glory seeds around the garden’s perimeter in order to keep our plot looking pretty!

All of the seed varieties we’ve planted in the past week.

The seedling of one of our butternut squash plants, we’re excited to see these grow nice and big.

This plot was covered in weeds as tall as us a week ago. Now its soils been freshly turned up and sown with squash seeds. We also planted some pumpkin seeds along the perimeter of this plot, look out from some delicious pumpkin pies in the fall!

While tilling the land and making sure it was the highest quality for our new pas we dig lants, we made a few friends. Robins are particularly a fan of us, because as we’re digging up the land we’re  bringing up worms to the surface that they want for dinner. Here’s one that was hanging out with us as we worked today that I caught on camera:

Where the worms at?

To make our lives a bit easier now that we have so many plants in the ground to water, we’ve set up an irrigation system with drip hoses. These are porous hoses that slowly drip out water to the base of the plants. Currently we’ve got the hoses running through our squash and tomato patches which need lots of water as they grow large and begin to bear fruits. This will save us a lot of time, especially with the heat we’re looking ahead at battling this upcoming weekend.

Drip hose running through our newly transplanted zucchini plants

We’ve also got a few older crops that we’re very very excited about. Our cherry tomatoes are starting to produce lots of little start-up tomatoes that will be ripe and delicious in due time. Also we’ve got a large, sprawling raspberry bush that has many, many, young raspberries on it, and we seriously can’t wait for those to ripen!

Lots of young cherry tomatoes

The start of something sweet!

Anxiously awaiting the raspberry harvest.

In case you missed it – we had our first community workday on Sunday! We were able to get lots done with extra hands around. We transplanted red tomatoes and red peppers from the greenhouse, and cleared some big scary weeds out from a few of the plots. It was a fun way to spend a quiet Princeton Sunday evening. If you missed out, no worries! There’s plenty more workdays to be had this summer. Mark your calendars for Thursday July 5th from 6 to 8PM, because we’ll be out digging in the dirt and harvesting our beautiful veggies, and we hope you can join us!

Red peppers newly transplanted to the garden on the 6/24 workday.


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