Getting Started for Summer 2013


My name is Nick. Lizzie and I will be tending the Princeton Garden for the summer. We are both super excited to beautify the land and have an awesome harvest. We have huge plans for the garden, and we can’t wait for them to come to fruition!

First thing’s first… WEEDS FROM HELL

Some progress has been made, however. Yesterday I pulled some weeds and now it looks like a slightly smaller jungle. There are also patches I’ve cleared along the fence!

Weeding is hard work, and I’ve got more than a few scratches from the thistle. However, once a patch is weeded, the ground turned, and compost added, you can do… THIS!

2013-06-06(planted tomats)

I planted another tomato patch. These guy should grow up big and strong, and hopefully produce ten thousand tomatoes. I know, I see the weeds in the back. Liz and I will terminate them later, WE PROMISE!

I also have some awesome news. Princeton University had a ton of marigolds left over from some alumni event (I have no idea why), and they gave them all to me!


This is about one-third of the total haul. We have 97 marigolds in total. We plan on planting them around the fence to beautify the garden. Popular belief is that they ward off pests. I don’t know if I believe that or not, but at least they look nice.



It’s a little early for these guys, but they are just SO SWEET AND SO TASTY. I always eat a couple while I work 😀

Stay tuned for more updates!


2 thoughts on “Getting Started for Summer 2013

  1. Hi Nick, Sounds great! I’m not 100% sure but I think Bent Spoon uses the lemon balm for a seasonal gelato. Maybe a strategic partnership is in order – lemon balm for free gelati anyone? Hope that helps, Pooja

    • Right, I totally forgot! I’ll harvest a TON of it and send it over. Hopefully I can get a lot of free gelati!

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