The Ball’s Rolling Now!

The garden is growing.

Great progress has been made with the weeds, and more plots are being cleared. The process of clearing a plot is rather straightforward: pull all the weeds, enrich the soil, plant the seeds. In this particular plot, we’ve pulled all the weeds except for the really tiny ones. The black tarp will kill them all in a few days, then we’ll till the soil and mix in our compost.


We’ve finally gotten around to putting a trellis on the peas, so they ought to start producing more. There are also volunteer carrots throughout this patch. Peas and carrots, anyone?

2013-06-12(pea trellis)

I have been a little remiss in caging the tomatoes. They have a pretty weak stem, so after a certain height they will collapse a bit. Here you can see how the bottom part of the stem is laying on the ground.

2013-06-12(tomato root1)

In fact, tomatoes will reroot wherever the stem touches the ground; check it out (the white things)!


So I just buried the plant up to where the stem straightens out. Everything should be fine. The tomatoes are all caged. You’ll notice the twine cages – those are a personal invention. I think it should work out alright!

2013-06-12(tomato cage)

Let me take this moment to talk to you about [b]companion planting[/b]. Certain plant species complement each other in ways that are super beneficial to gardeners. For example, basil produces chemicals that ward off common tomato pests. Since basil doesn’t grow that high, it makes sense to plant them with the tomatoes. Best friends! (They’re tasty, too!)


We’ve also had this gigantic parsley growing in a random point in the walkway by the tomatoes. I couldn’t bring myself to pull it out, so I caged it (it was really wild before) and will let it seed. Coriander, anyone?


On the weeding side of things… we’ve done a lot! I swear! There’s just so much more to do. This is the back of the garden as of now:

And I was snooping around the side of the garden when I found a path. I chopped down the weeds along the fence and along the path so they wouldn’t seed (they were flowering) and I will pull them tomorrow. It looks like this now:

2013-06-12(side weed)

Finally, we still have this massive lemon balm patch. I still have to harvest it get my gelati!

2013-06-12(lemon balm)

As always, we’ll keep you posted on anything cool that happens! Let’s hope it doesn’t rain every day next week so I can do some more work!


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