Big moves in the garden!

We’ve done so much since I’ve last posted, and I’ve been slacking on the pictures, so you’ll have to bear with me when I say it’s looking beautiful.

Before I get into specifics, just look how pretty the peas are:


We’ve started to make a lot of new beds and mulch the paths between. We dig a shallow trench (about 4 inches) all around before we mulch. This keeps the mulch from getting into the bed, and it provides an unconquerable mat for the weeds.

Speaking of weeds… the back is on its way to being clear! I have no picture, but we just have to pull up the weeds behind the apple trees and the forest will be tamed… for a few moments at least.

I’ve harvested so much (6 bags!) lettuce. Kale, chard, and mustard greens were also part of the green delivery. I can’t wait till we start getting real vegetables and not just leaves!


You can continuously harvest lettuce if you just cut above the stem, like so:


We’re discovering new herbs in the back all the time. I found this one herb, and it smelled so familiar. Luckily, Lizzie is awesome at identifying plants: it’s sage! I have to see how to cook with this stuff.


And now it’s time for the mystery portion of the post! What do you think this row is? I’ll let you all know next post!


(HINT: It took about 5 days to sprout like this.)


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