99% Done

Where to begin?

Well Lizzie and I were cleaning out the vines and other weeds (more like trees) from around the garden and dissevered these two things:


I guess you never know what you’ll find under a swath of vines.

Speaking of swathes, the small forest on the back of the garden has been obliterated. Destroyed. Defeated. I don’t have a recent enough picture to prove it, so you’ll just have to trust me! (Trust a guy on the Internet – crazy, right?) I do have this fairly recent picture of the left side though.

We’ve also planted a lot more things: A Siamese salad mix, cucumbers, onions, garlic (between the eggplant), small watermelons, and the rest of the basil and peppers.


While I was clearing out the Amazon Lite™ in the back, I managed to dig up all the raspberry bushes. In my defense, they were just interspersed with the other horrible spiky thistle, and I was in total weed-kill mode. Thankfully, my smarter partner in crime Lizzie was able to salvage them and plant them in these awesome, organized rows. It doesn’t look like a lot of them will provide fruit this year, but the core should survive for next season.

Some cool things now… the tomatoes are coming in!

We have a butterfly friend!

There is a mutant giant clover patch by one of the apple trees (well, there WAS…)

And, not pictured: there is a frog (toad?) living in the garden. At first Lizzie thought it was a mouse, but we got a good look at while harvesting the lemon balm patch. He’s rather elusive and super quick, but I’ll try and snap a picture. While we’re talking about the lemon balm patch, let me say that free ice cream is awesome! The Bent Spoon loves it when we give them this stuff. Also we’re almost done restructuring the herb patches in the back. It looks pretty amazing now. When it’s done it will look totally amazing.

Watering the garden is something we normally have to take care of, but…

These guys are doing great! I’ll give a hint for the identity of the mystery crop: they’re ready to harvest in 23-30 days after planting. Any guesses?

Finally, I have an announcement: we will have our first workday of the summer on Tuesday at 6:30pm. We will be planting our marigolds around the fence and doing other tasks. We provide the gloves and trowels and drinking water, but you need to provide some hands! Stop by the garden (67 Alexander, just north of the “sidewalk closed” sign) and help out!

I’m super excited for the next update. Everything is really coming together!


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