Happy Fourth of July Weekend!

Hi Everybody!

This is Lizzie!  Hope everyone had an awesome Fourth of July!  The plants are shooting up like rockets in the garden, thanks to New Jersey’s heat and humidity.  After a month of work, things are really starting to shape up!

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We’ve done a lot of work in the garden so far, and I have tons of pictures!  Here is a series of photos showing how the mystery crop’s bed has evolved over the past month.  The deeply mulched pathways should keep down the weeds and define the beds.

Now you may be wondering – who affected these dramatic changes?  They call themselves Nick and Lizzie, but what are they really? Gnomes?  Woodchucks?

No!  They are both (super-) human undergraduates, with mad gardening skillz and the courage to take on 7-foot-tall thistles.

Nick with Stars

This is the garden’s main man. Fearlessly weeding where no man has weeded before (at least this season), Nick brings a new beat to the garden (pictured). This engineer (’15) has Jersey roots, and is generally awesome, whether he’s trellising tomatoes or digging dandelions. Weeds fear him.


The mountains of Colorado have given her much wisdom, but not about Jersey heat and mosquitoes. When not subduing the jungle, Lizzie works on her Molecular Biology thesis (’14).  She is a master of mulch, savior of seed, and is shown here weeding the mystery crop.

We are assisted by various insect- and seed-eating creatures, including robins, goldfinch, mourning doves, cardinals, spiders, and the aforementioned frog (we got a picture!)

The Frog in the Lemon Balm

The Frog in the Lemon Balm

Mourning Dove

Mourning Dove



Now on to updates in the garden.  Here’s some before-and-after shots of a section of the jungle Nick tackled in the back:

There is still much digging to be done, but we’ve built a couple pretty beds!

One last picture – look how enormous the oldest tomato plants have gotten!

5' Tall Tomatoes!

5′ Tall Tomatoes!

The garden’s starting to look presentable, and it’s really exciting!  We’ve already been able to harvest lemon balm, mustard greens, kale, baby swiss chard, curly lettuce, romaine lettuce, light green lettuce, and spearmint, with beets, carrots, and potatoes coming in the near future.

Keep an eye out for our next update!


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