Blueberries and Sprinklers!

We’ve been weeding a lot, and the beds are all looking rather spiffy, if I do say so myself.

And I’d like to introduce two new permanent members of the garden family:

Blueberry bushes!

and sprinklers!


The blueberry bushes already had ripe berries on them when I was putting them in. The whole time, these birds were eyeing me, waiting for me to leave so they could swoop in and devour the berries. I was able to put up mesh around the bushes just in time!

Also, we can now see the fence along the back. I pulled out a bunch of bamboo poles and chicken wire from the back corner. I guess people forgot they were there, and nature did what nature does and started eating them.

The back

So that’s that! When we harvest the beets and potatoes we’ll put up pictures. Until next time!


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