Introducing Gardeners 2014!

A late start  to the blog (just like the spontaneous cold to instantly hot spring weather caused a late start to the garden) but we are moving along nonetheless! I think it would be appropriate to introduce two of the starting interns at the Forbes garden for the summer of 2016 before we divulge (what I think to be) very exciting photos of the garden.

First off, we have Kevin from the lovely class of 2016. Mol concentrator (also doing certificates in Applications of Computing, Environmental Studies, Global Health and Health Policy, and Quantitative and Computational Biology) doing research on campus this summer as well as studying for the MCATs (getting ahead on his game and taking it before it changes on him) on top of working for the garden (whew, makes me tired just writing that out). He’ll be the expertise behind all the garden work with his experience in the Botony club and as a recreational gardener for his whole life – he’s particularly into carnivorous plants (he has a tank in his room). His main goal for this summer: to grow a giant pumpkin (I am highly skeptical but he is insistent and determined) and to not get stung by any more bees (he’s afraid of bees, who’s ever heard of such a gardener?)Image


Next, we would like to introduce Amanda. A total novice to this whole gardening thing but after several weeks with her and the weeds, she can dig up a dandelion like no other. What she lacks in skill, she certainly brings in zeal. A recent addition to the EEB department (gave up on chemistry following half a semester with thermodynamics), she is here this summer in the garden, as well as working at a program through the Community House at the Pace Center (Leading a summer camp for middle school students, yikes), and taking a delightful statistics course at Rutgers. She has come to love earthworms and hate clovers and is excited about all of the leafy greens (a total vegetarian) and fruit that she’ll get to grow and harvest (and eat :))!


More to come!


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