Free Marigolds at Frist a Success!

I was told I had to pull up the marigolds in the Frist Garden in order to put in Basil, Kale, and beets – much more utilitarian but not quite as pretty. So instead of throwing them all into the compost pile, I decided to stick them into pots and give them out to the Princeton community!

So initially, I thought my idea wasn’t going to work because the marigolds did no like being dug back up again. In the heat, they started wilting within minutes. Even ones that I simply moved to a different spot in the garden were looking very sad. photo2 (1)

Feeling rather helpless and dejected, I brought back a whole box of transplanted marigolds back home. After a few days of some good tlc, they were looking quite sprightly again! So there they were at Frist!



Almost immediately the next day when I went back to check on them, there was a lady there with a box and a big smile, taking a few for her garden! I hope these made her week!


As I left, she was calling her friends about the marigolds as well! This was a great way for the Princeton Garden Project to get its name and objectives out. We all know here in Princeton that there is nothing better than free things to get people excited.


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