Event Request Form

Please fill out the form below if you or your group wants to host an event in the garden. Before filling out the form, make sure to check the calendar, so that you don’t request to host an event during a time the garden is already being used.

**Please fill out your request at least three days before the proposed date of your event, to give us time to respond to your request and coordinate your event with you. Events requested with less than three days notice will not be approved.

We can seat 10-15 in a circular configuration on our Rammed Earth wall. We have further seating in two picnic tables. There is also plenty of lawn space for laying out blankets for further seating! We also have speakers that are both Bluetooth enabled and have an aux cord.

Just a reminder that this is a request form, so please wait for a confirmation from us before going ahead with your event. We will ask you to read over and accept some rules for using the garden space in our confirmation email. Feel free to send us an email (pugardenproject@gmail.com) with any questions about the space or its use!