You say tomato, I say tomahto

Despite blistering heat, Lindsey and I managed to put six tomato plants in the ground yesterday.  We dug trenches and then filled them with a mixture of the dirt and compost.  While soil tests revealed that the dirt was a good pH (6.60) for growing, the soil was pretty clumpy and clay-like, so hopefully by breaking it up and adding compost our tomatoes will flourish!

With this heat and only a few weeks until the official beginning of summer, we are going to be putting a lot of vegetables in the ground in the next few days.  Lucky for us, this heat wave is supposed to be over after today, cooling down from 98 degrees F to a mere 88 degrees F! At this point, we will take any decrease in temperature.

In other news, after sending some supplies back to the art room, organizing the rest, and a thorough sweeping, the shed is finally organized!  I wish I had some “before” pictures because the change is pretty dramatic.  Anyway without any more buildup, here is the current state of the shed.

It feels good to be able to store our supplies in a nice, clean shed.  Hopefully we can keep it that way all summer!


Magical Adventures!

Today was our first day working together in the garden! It felt good to dig around in some high-quality dirt. We spent most of the afternoon spreading compost in the *Magical* Herb and Flower Garden. Derek, Planting Manager and Minister of Decay, kindly organized and guided our endeavors. While we were shoveling and raking the deepest, darkest, most magical compost in the history of humankind into three rows, several golfers solicited our advice on cultivating desirable plants without creating an ideal environment for weeds. We did our best to provide them with some sage advice even though our professional gardening careers are just getting off the ground. We sowed the three rows with basil (Siam Queen Thai and Purple Opal), cilantro (Slo Bolt), echinacea, sage, and thyme. We also planted sunflowers along the wall of the building, morning glories along the fence, marigolds at the ends of each row, and nasturtiums in the row closest to the building. We noticed the spearmint by the rosebush just outside the fence is proliferating rapidly, so we’re looking forward to a summer filled with mint iced tea, melon and mint tabbouleh, and pesto with mint. Lindsey, who is of legal drinking age, is also looking forward to mint juleps.